Friday, September 3, 2010

Help Rosa and Her Puppies Escape The Kill Shelter!


Great news! Rosa and all of her puppies are safe! Panzer is still not safe though. Please if you can, help Panzer out. Let's save 5 lives today!!

There are millions of animals put to sleep in kill shelters every year. I was almost one of them. Humans can be very irresponsible. I am one of the consequences of their irresponsibility. Thankfully a lot of people stepped up and I was saved and now have a home where I am very much loved. It takes a lot of people to rescue one animal.

I plan on telling you about some of those animals that need your help. If you can help in any way and save even one life it's a wonderful thing.

This is Rosa she is at Kaplan pound, Vermilion Parish, in South Louisiana. This shelter has an extremely high kill rate. She was brought in with her puppies. They have only 4 days and they will be placed in the gas chamber. Dying in a gas chamber is a terrible, painful death. Rosa is only about 2 years old and her puppies weren't even given a chance to have a life. Please help to give them all a chance at life and happiness.

Here's how you can help-

1. The obvious- adopt one or all of them.

2. Foster one or all of them.

3. Check Rosa out on Petfinder and click the Be My Guardian Angel and donate money. It can be as little as $1, it all counts. This money will go toward her and her puppies rescue. Please make sure to note on your donation that it goes toward Rosa and her puppies.

4. Share this on Facebook, Twitter or a blog, or wherever you can. Get the word out.

Let's save Rosa and her puppies!!!

Panzer also needs your help! His Petfinder page.