Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day to me!!

It was 3 years ago today that I was adopted.

I was born in New Orleans Louisiana. My mom was a long haired Chihuahua, no one knows who my dad was. My mom was un-spayed and left to wander the streets by her so called human "parents". My siblings and I were the result. We were unwanted so we were brought to the kill shelter to be killed. Luckily a kind hearted woman happened to be there just as I was being dropped off and I was scooped up and brought to her house. I lived with her for half a year. I was a very sick little boy you see, much sicker than I am now.

Meanwhile in Owls Head Maine- My mom had just spent 7 months taking care of my uncle Gunny (a black schnauzer that actually belong to my grandparents). Gunny had cancer. When Gunny died my mom was crushed. See she loves taking care of animals even if they are sick. She loves to have a little pup following her everywhere. She had something big missing in her life. This is where I come in! After Gunny died in September she started looking on Petfinder and saw a very sad, half bald pup named Leo. She said "Oh, he's so cute and sad, he needs me". My grandma said "But this dog named Justin is so much cuter". Can you believe that?? Anyway mom said she was going to get me because I needed her and I sure did. So they called the Golden Retriever Rescue Lifeline, who were the Maine end of the rescue and got the ball rolling. It wasn't long before mom got a call from a very southern lady saying "Yes, yes, yes, you can have Leo!". See mom listed all of Gunny's doctors and after talking to them the lady said my mom was a more than suitable mother for me.

October 17th 2008- I traveled to Maine in a van. It was a long ride. We arrived at a ladies house in Biddeford Maine and there were a whole bunch of people waiting in a garage. They got their pups one by one and then I was taken out of my crate by Rocky (who has a very N'orlen accent) said "And here's ma liddle man Leo!". I was all wiggly and so excited I peed all over the front of my new mom. She was excited and she cried and hugged me so tight totally ignoring the pee on her shirt. We went to the store on the way home and my new family bought me clothes and toys. When I got to my new house I felt like I'd always lived there. It was loaded with new toys for me, clothes, blankets, yummy food. Plus kitty sisters and a kitty aunt. And of course my dad, but he was at work so I met him later.

So October 17th, 2007 may not seem like an important day, but to this pup who was thrown away it is the best day in existence.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Product Review

Photo - Avena Botanicals

I have allergies, many allergies which make my ears swell up like balloons. Then they get filled with pus and bleed. Sounds appetizing doesn't it?
Well, my left ear seems to always have a problem. Plus even though my mom has pounded it into people's heads not to feed me anything without her approval they still do. Things like dust (which I'm allergic to) when you live with a gardener, a landscaper and 4 &1/2 cats (we have a stray) are impossible to avoid. My mom thinks there may be something physically wrong with my ear also.

We bought these ear oil drops that are intended for humans to try in my ear. I can't have liquid ear drops put in my ear because it adds to the liquid already in there. These ear drops seem to be helping a lot. My ear is a lot better. My mom puts a little in every other day. Just a tiny amount and not directly into my ear canal. Because my ears are usually wet I have yeast and staph infections in there. These drops have stuff that kills that. Mom is saving up for me to go to an ear specialist. In the meantime the drops seem to have things under control.

I recommend these to animals and humans with ear problems. Here's a breakdown of the ingredients and what they do:

Calendula- Anti-inflammatory, astringent, heals wounds, detoxifying

Mullein flowers- reduce mucus, wound healer

Hypericum flowers (also known as St. John's Wort)- Astringent, relieves pain, anti-viral

Garlic Cloves (besides making the ear drops yummy. Yes I have eaten them :> )- antibiotic, expectorant, good for fighting infections

Olive Oil-

I think it would also be tasty on a good Italian bread.
-Please do not try it on bread!- Leo's Mom

Best of all this is made in Maine and not very far from me. Plus it's all organic and cruelty free.