Saturday, October 16, 2010

Product Review

Photo - Avena Botanicals

I have allergies, many allergies which make my ears swell up like balloons. Then they get filled with pus and bleed. Sounds appetizing doesn't it?
Well, my left ear seems to always have a problem. Plus even though my mom has pounded it into people's heads not to feed me anything without her approval they still do. Things like dust (which I'm allergic to) when you live with a gardener, a landscaper and 4 &1/2 cats (we have a stray) are impossible to avoid. My mom thinks there may be something physically wrong with my ear also.

We bought these ear oil drops that are intended for humans to try in my ear. I can't have liquid ear drops put in my ear because it adds to the liquid already in there. These ear drops seem to be helping a lot. My ear is a lot better. My mom puts a little in every other day. Just a tiny amount and not directly into my ear canal. Because my ears are usually wet I have yeast and staph infections in there. These drops have stuff that kills that. Mom is saving up for me to go to an ear specialist. In the meantime the drops seem to have things under control.

I recommend these to animals and humans with ear problems. Here's a breakdown of the ingredients and what they do:

Calendula- Anti-inflammatory, astringent, heals wounds, detoxifying

Mullein flowers- reduce mucus, wound healer

Hypericum flowers (also known as St. John's Wort)- Astringent, relieves pain, anti-viral

Garlic Cloves (besides making the ear drops yummy. Yes I have eaten them :> )- antibiotic, expectorant, good for fighting infections

Olive Oil-

I think it would also be tasty on a good Italian bread.
-Please do not try it on bread!- Leo's Mom

Best of all this is made in Maine and not very far from me. Plus it's all organic and cruelty free.

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